Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Usagi Dictionary

Hello everyone,

This is the first post on the site, so Welcome! to any of the 60, or so, people who have downloaded Usagi so far and are visiting this page.

I wrote the app to learn a little about Android and because one of my classmates only had an Android phone and couldn't use Kotoba! on the iPhone.

If anyone has used Kotoba! on the iPhone, you'll see that Usagi is based on (okay, maybe totally ripped-off) Kotoba!  This is because I use Kotoba! almost every day and I think it's the best Japanese-English dictionary available.

I plan to make a few more improvements to Usagi to make it offer almost the same functionality as Kotoba!  If any of you have any requests for features or enhancements, please send me an email.  I don't plan to add the multi-radical lookup because I've never found it particularly useful.

Thanks and good luck with your Japanese.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Chris !
    That's a really great thing that you wrote an app based on JMdict for Android ! For now I have an iphone 3G and I am using Kotoba! almost everyday cause I live in Tokyo.
    But I am planing to get an android phone next month, and Kotoba! will really miss me ! So I hope you will post some update from time to time to improve Usagi app (I still do not have the phone so I can't really tell you what you should try to upgrade. Maybe if you can use the JMdict file with other languages like French and German that would be great !)
    So thanks again for this app, and I hope to give you some feedback soon !